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Top 10 Reasons to #BeAZag

Posted by Erik Hoffman on January 29, 2015

Looking for some added motivation to finish your application to Gonzaga? Or maybe you’ve been admitted to GU already, but you’re unsure if Gonzaga is the right school for you and need some help figuring it out. No problem—we’ve got you covered. Here are our top ten reasons for you to be a Zag!

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Hail Spokane! Introducing Gonzaga's Fair City

Posted by Patrick Ronay on January 29, 2015


Downtown Spokane features a beautiful riverfront that runs through Gonzaga's campus and the heart of downtown.

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Senioritis No More

Posted by Ayaka Dohi on December 23, 2014

You won’t find it on WebMD, but many would argue that senioritis is a very real illness. It’s a “sickness” that many seniors are susceptible to, but like many of its counterparts, senioritis too can be prevented and remedied if caught.

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Reasons to Apply Early Action

Posted by Erik Hoffman on October 31, 2014

Gonzaga’s non-binding Early Action Deadline  (November 15) is only about two weeks away!

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The Value(s) of Gonzaga

Posted by Erik Hoffman on October 23, 2014

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Evaluating Your Application

Posted on October 07, 2014

As our Early Action application deadline approaches on November 15, we thought it would be helpful for you to know what exactly it is we look for when we review your application to Gonzaga. It’s actually fairly simple. It comes down to six basic things.

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Getting a Strong Teacher Recommendation

Posted on October 03, 2014

LAImmersion1web.jpgAs our November 15, Early Action application deadline approaches, we’re often getting questions from students about teacher recommendations. How many teacher recommendations do we want? What do we look for in those recommendations? Which teachers should you ask to write them? If you’re planning to apply for our November 15th deadline, it’s wise to ask your teachers very soon about writing those for you (if you haven’t done so already) to give them plenty of time to write good letters that will reach us in time. So, as you go about getting those from your teachers, here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind.

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Some Tips as You Finish Your App

Posted by Erik Hoffman on September 05, 2014

We're less than a month away from our non-binding Early Action deadline of November 15. My colleagues and I have chatted with a lot of you in person so far this fall about your applications and have offered tips about how to make them as strong as possible. However, we sadly can't have these conversations with every student who applies to Gonzaga. So, in an attempt to cast our net a bit wider in spreading the word, I thought I'd put some of these bits of advice up on our blog.

First things first. We're a Common App-exclusive school. That means our only application for admission is through the Common App. What's the Common App? Basically, it's a generic college application that many colleges and universities, particularly private ones, use. One of its main purposes is to save you, the student, time by reducing the number of different applications you need to complete. If you're planning to apply to multiple schools who are Common App members, essentially you can do one basic application to all those schools. Each school has some unique items (sometimes an additional essay or short answer question, for example) on its Member Page. However, most of the application is the same for all member schools. So, you can begin the process of applying by creating an account for yourself on Common App.

To avoid reinventing the proverbial wheel, though, please check out the previous posts that we've done on this topic herehere, and--the granddaddy of them all--here. Keep in mind, too, that we offer an optional admission interview, which is also considered when we review a student's application. There's some advice and info about that here.

Okay, if you've read through all that, but you're still desperate for even more pearls of application wisdom from us... well, how could we turn you away? Here are a few more quick nuggets for you:

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Check Out Our Virtual Tour!

Posted by Erik Hoffman on September 01, 2014

We know that getting to Spokane to visit Gonzaga isn't easy for some of our prospective students. Perhaps you live far away. Maybe the cost of a trip here is just too expensive for you and your family. Or possibly your schedule is just too busy for you to get away to visit us. Whatever the reason, we want to help you see and experience GU, even if you can't make the trip out here in person. 

So to help you with that, we have a great virtual tour of campus for you. You can visit all the areas of campus that you'd see on Gonzaga's normal campus tour route, plus some extra spots that aren't even included on our usual tour. Check it out!

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Why do an Admissions Interview?

Posted on August 28, 2014

Looking for one more way to strengthen your application to Gonzaga? You might want to consider doing an admission interview. Here’s what admission interviews at Gonzaga are all about.

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