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Housing: Where is your New Home?

Learning is not solely reserved for the classroom or the lab; your residence hall experience will teach you invaluable lessons of life like living with a roommate, managing your own schedule, and learning how to cook more than ramen.

Gonzaga Residence Life is a unique feature of our school that is built upon connection, interaction, engagement, and reflection. Gonzaga offers Traditional Style Halls with bedrooms located on either side of a central corridor and a community bathroom that serves the floor, and Suite Style Halls which offer a suite of two or three bedrooms that share an adjacent bathroom and common area. Some halls are coed; others are single gender. Our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) offer an opportunity to live in community with others who share common interests or lifestyle choices. These require an additional application through Zagweb (and are indicated by an asterisk below). Here are the options for first year residence halls:

Traditional Style Suite Style
• Madonna (coed) • Twohy
• Welch (female)  • Dillon
• Coughlin*(coed)  • Goller* (Engineering)
 • Alliance (female)  • Dooley
 • Lincoln* (coed/Biology)  • Chardin
 • Roncalli (male)  • Cushing
 • Crimont (coed)
 • Desmet* (male)
 • Catherine Monica (coed)
 • Marian* (Outdoor Pursuits)


For more in-depth information about Residence Halls, visit Gonzaga Housing.

So where should you live? Ask any Zag and they will say the residence hall they lived in is the best one. So that leaves us with over 15 “best” residence halls that house first year students. As you decide where you might like to call home, reflect on what environment will be the most conducive to your success as a student and a social being, and remember, you are making a hall request. Your preference is not a guarantee. A bit of advice: remember as a general rule of thumb the larger the Residence Hall, the higher the noise level.

You have a few tools already to help you with this decision! Ask around on the Schools App with your fellow classmates, come visit campus and take a residence hall tour, or call chat with an Admission Counselor.

Don’t forget to submit your Residence Living Agreement and Deposit by May 1! Click here for instructions.