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Making the Most of your Overnight Visit

     If I had known I had the option to stay with a Gonzaga student, or any college student, when I was in the process of finding my top college, I would have jumped at the opportunity right away! Now that I am an overnight host, I absolutely love being an outlet for incoming students who are considering Gonzaga University; I am able to show them my love and passion for Gonzaga. I believe it is a unique opportunity for interested Zags to experience campus life in a way that is completely different and more personal than your average tour.

     Gonzaga offers overnight stays to prospective students-- seniors are given priority in the Spring. This experience is 100% catered to you and your interests. Overnight visits begin at 5pm, and you are hosted by two Gonzaga students. You stay in a residence hall, have a meal in the COG, and your hosts will help you experience what it means to be a Zag.

     When deciding you want to do an overnight visit, make sure you come in with questions; your hosts are there specifically for you, and they want to show you what it means to be a Zag! Have an open mind when you’re on campus, and know that your Gonzaga host wants you to be there so they can show you the passion of the community and the campus by taking you to a volleyball game, different club meetings, Coffeehouse (a weekly concert series), cookie night, and so much more! Heads up: you also get a free gym pass, so bring gym clothes or a swim suit if you want to go play a pick-up game of basketball or swim some laps!

     One final tip: engage with your hosts and the activities they take you to so you can get a feel for the community in which you may find yourself next year. Gonzaga is one of my favorite places because it is home, and it could be a potential home to you as well! To schedule your visit, find more information here, or give the Visit Office a call at 509-313-6531.


AbbyAbby is a Sophomore from Seattle, WA.

She is studying Business Administration with a minor in Spanish.