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Reasons to Apply Early Action

Gonzaga’s non-binding Early Action Deadline is quickly approaching: November 15th. It is time to set a reminder on your phone! Here in the Office of Admission, we’re in the middle of travel season meeting many of you, and soon we’ll be back in the office reading through your Common Application. If you are a high school senior wondering when you should submit that application, I’m here to let you know that now is the time.

So why apply early? I’ve got three reasons for you:

1. You’ll find out sooner if you’ve gotten in. At the latest, you’ll hear back from us by January 15. If admitted, you’ll also find out if you’ve earned Academic Merit scholarship when you learn your admission decision.

2. Your chances of getting in are better. We tend to admit a higher percentage of Early Action applicants than we do in our Regular Decision Pool (February 1). Why is that? To some extent, there’s a selection bias at work. We find that students who apply early are on the ball with college applications, school in general, show a higher level of interest, and are more likely to enroll, and we tend to admit them at a higher rate.

3. You’re more likely to get your top choices for housing. At Gonzaga, you’re required to live on campus for your freshman and sophomore years. If you confirm your enrollment at Gonzaga, you’ll complete a housing application that asks you to rank your top three choices for residence halls. We assign housing on a first-come, first-served basis, but there’s an important caveat: If you were admitted during Early Action, you’ll automatically be put ahead of any Regular Pool applicants for housing assignments, regardless of when you confirm your enrollment. While this is still not a guarantee you’ll end up getting one of your top housing choices, if having the best chance is important to you, Early Action is the way to go.

A Bonus 4th: Applying early takes some stress off in your senior year and gives you a few more months to make a decision.

If you are convinced now to apply Early Action, but you haven’t started your app yet, then you are probably wondering where to start. Go here, and we’ve got the app process broken down for you. If you’ve already been working on the Common App for other schools, then you’ve already been working on your Gonzaga application—you just didn’t know it!

We look forward to reading your app—hopefully sooner rather than later! Let us know if we can help as you navigate the admission process.