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Tips on Completing Your Common Application

Our Regular Decision Deadline (February 1st) is just around the corner! All of us at Gonzaga Admissions wish you the best of luck completing your Common Application—we all went through this process (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), but we all remember how stressful this time can be. We would like to offer our expert advice that you may find helpful as you make those final touches to your application. *Just a reminder, we are a Common App-exclusive school

  • Ask for help. It can be difficult to edit your own work, so ask for another set of eyes to look over your application before you click “submit.” This can be a great way to catch those details that need a little polishing.
  • Dot your I's and cross your T's. Grammar can slip through the cracks and spell check can fail u. See what I did there? Remember that we really read your whole application and consider all of it as a measure of your readiness for succeeding at Gonzaga. In many cases, the activities section on a student's application is the sloppiest part that we read. Please double- and triple-check your work before submitting it to us. Show us the best of what you have to offer in every written part of your app, not just your essay.
  • Please don't tell us how badly you want to attend another college. The Common Application is rad since you can do one application and send it off to multiple schools. But remember that whatever you, your teachers, and your counselors put on your Common App is there for every other college to read that receives your app. Without fail, every year we read about why many applicants to Gonzaga feel very strongly that they'd be a perfect fit at some other school. We don't begrudge you for applying to other schools, but it comes across as sloppy and a bit tacky if you write about them on an application that goes to us too.
  • The details matter. Keep in mind that the quality of your application can impact your merit scholarship award from Gonzaga. That means that fixing common errors like the ones I've discussed above can sometimes be the difference between thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

All of us in the Office of Admission truly love reading about you, hearing your stories, and imagining how successful you could be at Gonzaga. We want you to succeed at this application thing because we ultimately want to see you admitted and succeed at Gonzaga. And that all starts with putting together a solid application. Always feel free to contact us with your questions if you're unsure about something in the application process. We're here to help!

Good luck!