The Jesuit Experience at Gonzaga

Learn about Gonzaga University's distinctive Jesuit education. Gonzaga strives for academic excellence, while educating students to be intentional, compassionate leaders in all that they do.


Activities at Gonzaga

Experience a glimpse of the lively, dynamic world of activities that students will find at Gonzaga.


Arts at Gonzaga

Experience a few of the many arts that Gonzaga University students have the opportunity to be involved in.


Scenes from Zag Life

Life outside the classroom.


The “Black Fingers of Death”

That’s the nickname for a soil fungus at the center of research being conducted by Gonzaga faculty and students. Its potential? To eradicate cheatgrass—a major fuel for wildfires that infests an estimated 100 million acres of western lands. Biology major Trevor Davis applied for a national grant and received full funding for his research.


Seeking Justice Through Numbers

Gonzaga’s Justice for Fraud Victims Project is the first of its kind in the nation. Through this groundbreaking program, students are working directly with Police Detectives and Certified Fraud Examiners to help small businesses and non-profit groups who have been victimized by embezzlers. This unique class in Forensic Accounting gives students an experience that goes well beyond the classroom and campus.


Gonzaga Alumni Mentors at Nike

Gonzaga students in the Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP) make a trip to Beaverton, Oregon for a personal tour of Nike, led by Gonzaga alumni; and participated in a Q&A session with Nike leadership on how to target and land their "dream" career.


Turkish Zag Travel Show

Gonzaga senior Andrew Opila spent the month of July working side-by-side with his broadcasting professor, Dan Garrity, to produce The Turkish Zag Travel Show.


A Revolutionary Approach to Lab Science

When Gonzaga was chosen by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to become an early member of the Science Education Alliance, it was an honor.  The goal of the SEA is to change the future of undergraduate science education and that’s exactly what happened at GU; this new approach to experience lab science is now available to all incoming Freshmen.


Launching a Career

Gonzaga University assists students through its Career Center and Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP). From resume and interview preparation to internships and on-site corporate tours, Zags are prepared for their post-grad futures.


Gonzaga University–A Collaborative Experience

Dr. Thayne McCulloh, Gonzaga President and alumnus.


“You’ve just brought down the northwest power for the United States”

When managing a power transmission and distribution system, those aren’t the words anyone wants to hear. That’s why it’s so important for engineering students to learn by facing realistic situations. ZagOps training helps these students turn the theoretical into the practical through realistic simulations of powerplant and grid management.


A Holistic Approach to Health Care

Sometimes real-life events change the meaning of an educational objective. That’s what happened to a group of Nursing students involved in a practicum. And they rose to the challenge with a creative approach.


“There’s a lion on the other end of that lens...”

When Ian Roeber began shooting a documentary about the work being done by fellow Zags in Zambia, his definition of a “class project” expanded dramatically. Find out more about why he called it “a dream job.”


Reaching Out for Literacy

Gonzaga students polish their teaching skills while helping neighborhood children who are struggling with their reading.