Professor Audio Interviews

Cutting-Edge Professors

Dan Garrity

Broadcast Studies Program Director

Professor Garrity leads Gonzaga students through an exciting and informative study abroad tour of Turkey. While being exposed to the history and culture of this diverse country, the students learn to tell the story of their experiences through the shooting and editing of videos. This valuable communication skill is not only for broadcast students. These students are using communication technology that can be put to work in a wide-variety of careers.

Dr. Steve Schennum

Associate Professor and Director of the Smart Antenna and Radio Lab

Dr. Schennum leads engineering students into the real-world experience of product development. The smart antennas that are being developed and tested in Gonzaga's radio lab put students on the cutting-edge of technology development. Spokane is a hotspot of wireless communication testing and with impressive grant funding and the right resources, Gonzaga University is preparing students for the growing field of electrical engineering.

Dr. Molly Pepper

Professor of Management

An insightful lyricist once wrote, "Changes aren't permanent, but change is." This couldn't be truer than in the area of business and organizational management. Change is a constant and Dr. Pepper helps students learn that for themselves as they practice incorporating change into their personal lives. Becoming "men and women for others" is part of Gonzaga's mission and Dr. Pepper prepares her students with the insight and skills to understand themselves in their work for and with others.

Rabbi Dr. Elizabeth Goldstein

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Being able to read the Hebrew Bible (or, as Christians have traditionally called it, the “Old Testament”) in its original language provides students with insights into the history and culture that formed three of the world’s Abrahamic religions. Rabbi Dr. Goldstein uses modern technology along with ancient texts to bring the Hebrew Bible to life.

Dr. Brook Swanson

Professor of Biology

Dr. Swanson is fascinated with the natural world and he instills that fascination in his students. Working with animals as diverse as spiders and shrimp, Dr. Swanson's students focus their research on how to manufacture man-made materials that replicate the strength and adaptability of materials made by the animal kingdom. Science comes to life in Dr. Swanson's lab (just watch out for the tarantulas).

Dr. Anjali Barretto

Associate Professor of Special Education

The best teachers need to learn from the best teachers. Dr. Barretto leads a team of faculty uniquely trained to prepare teachers to meet the needs of a unique population: students with special needs. Working in classrooms on campus, Gonzaga students are exposed to the joys and challenges of using applied behavioral analysis to enhance the lives of children. Using a blend of research, teaching and practice, these students experience the fulfillment that comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others.